ZTI Smart Machines


The logical solution for your challenges!


ZTI focuses nationally and internationally primarily on the flower, vegetable and fruit-processing industry. Smart innovations in industrial processes allow us to make manual repetitive work easier, safer, more sustainable and more efficient. But we are active in other sectors, too.


Special Solutions

ZTI is being approached with increasing frequency to brainstorm on complex issues. In the automotive industry we have conceived and delivered important solutions and made other contributions. In addition, we are active in the seed sector, healthcare and industry.


Safety, Sustainability, Yield, Simplicity and Ease

Those are our starting points. Corporate social responsibility is not just a growing trend; it is also a normal part of today's sustainable business practice. We make our contribution both directly and indirectly. For instance by developing machines that relieve people of repetitive, monotonous work. But also by giving proper consideration to sustainable use of raw materials. In other words a key principle is achieving as high a yield as possible, while creating as little waste as possible.


Smart Machines

By listening carefully and thinking creatively together with customers, we can come up with smart and unique solutions. The essence of the solution can often be found in its simplicity. Lean and mean. Our smart machines do more with less. Robotics and vision technology are also making it technically feasible to delegate decisions to machines. So, not just a smart solution; the machines themselves are also becoming increasingly smarter.