The Power of Simplicity!

In 1962, Thimonnier developed the concept and brought onto the market the advantage of the DOYPACK® flexible pouch technology.

Since that time, we have constantly made progress in the technology to respond to the requirements of our customers.

Today, more than 1000 machines are in operation worldwide in the food processing industry as well as in the cosmetics and detergents industries.
DOYPACK® machines

A complete range to respond to all your applications:
_ From 2 to 240 pouches per minute
_ Volume of the pouch, from 50 ml to 10 litres
_ Pre-made pouches, with or without weld-spout, retortable
_ Thermal and ultrasonic sealing
_ Hot filling
_ Ultra-clean and aseptic versions

Food processing industry – sauces – soups – dairy products – pet food
ready meal – surimi – juices – ready pastry – fruit puree – sugar – honey
edible oil – vegetables -
Cosmetics and detergents – liquid soap – liquid detergent – fabric softener
dishwasher tablets