GKS Packaging

Simplicity is also peace of mind!

  • Hardware and software are easy to work with.
  • Operator training is minimal. Changing rolls and formats, cleaning, maintenance, and adding new options are fast and easy.
  • Technical training and maintenance are also minimal, using only a few (non-specialist) tools and widely available standard parts.
  • Modular construction means modules can be changed quickly, minimizing downtime.


GKS packaging understands that no two packaging requirements are the same. That’s why we have designed modularity and flexibility into our machines. This allows us to build a solution that not only perfectly suits your current demands, but can also develop and expand with your changing needs.


Packaging Machines

The ultimate in modular flexibility, efficiency and ease of use

GKS delivers customized packaging machines as well as complete packaging lines. Components and systems are designed and built in-house, so that we can provide quality customer-specific solutions – without introducing unnecessary cost and complexity. Our stainless steel machines are designed for real-life industrial environments. They match a small footprint to minimal height and are hygienic as well as easy to clean.

GKS machines work with a wide variety of weighing and dosing systems, and are also suitable for manual filling. Need to introduce a new machine or add capacity or functionality to an existing packaging line? You’ll be up and running before you know it.