Surplus Asset Management

Proquip Solutions offers a unique range of Asset Management solutions for your surplus process equipment.  We work with clients to manage the disposal of surplus process equipment, with an emphasis on maximizing the returns to you.


When a client deems certain equipment to be surplus or closes a plant,  there is a natural tendency for a focus on the new replacement equipment, or to deprioritise the surplus equipment disposal, not pursue value optimisation and focus on recovery of net book value. As a consequence, this creates graveyards around the company; equipment deteriorates and/or is cannibalized, and is sold below market value or scrapped.

Proquip Solutions offers a professional Asset Management Program for the listing, identification and disposal of redundant assets throughout New Zealand, Australia and on a global basis.

Proquip has worked with various clients over the last few years, assisting with the management and disposal of surplus process plant. Work undertaken has included:

-       removal, disposal, and demolition of building

-       work with various sites to remove surplus plant stored in of site stores, and then disposal of these items either internally or externally

-       disposal of items of equipment from sites

This service increases the return on surplus equipment above what is currently being achieved, and the costs for providing the service would be recovered within the extra gains made.


Key elements are:

-        Proquip is contacted by the client, then establishes a database of surplus equipment 

-        Proquip will work to determine Estimated Sales Value (ESV), which is then agreed with the client taking into account any residual book values.

-        Proquip will endeavour to dispose of equipment in an efficient manner whilst maximising the value, subject to restraints on the disposal. This can include the re allocation of equipment to other client sites and / or the disposal externally.

-        Proquip would be retained for on-going maintenance of the surplus asset register, consultation on value optimisation and marketing of the assets for disposal.


Cost of the services:

Proquip would work on disposal commissions which use incentives to maximise the return.

In addition, the service provided frees up internal resources, provides access to expert advice and ensures maximum return on the surplus plant.

Proquip Solutions has offices in New Zealand and associate offices in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, India, South America, Singapore and Canada. The offices are all staffed by professionals who have experience in the management of surplus plant, plant engineering experience and graduate engineers.

The use of our services structured in the right plan, will not add any cost to your business and will maximize return on surplus plant.


In Summary:

We aim to provide a proactive and economical approach to produce the maximum return on your surplus assets with an agreed level of client involvement.

We are able to plan and execute the entire process in an efficient and professional manner. We have completed projects which have involved the disposal of the process equipment and the configuration of the site, to allow for new development.

The aim of the programmes is to maximize the return to the client with minimum involvement from the client.

When working on a disposal or shut down, Proquip Solutions likes to become involved early in the process ensuring professional advice on the best methods and processes for the plant disposal.

When undertaking a disposal we offer a number of methods:

  • Auctions
  • Tender Sales (online)
  • Managed Disposals
  • Complete Plant Sales

Each programme is tailored to meet clients specific requirements, which can include specific time frames, sales constraints, geographic constraints or relocation.

For further information and proposals, please contact us.