Following the announcement made by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on 23rd March, NZ will move into alert category 4 from 11:59 pm 25th March 2020. At ‘Alert Level 4’ all non-essential businesses will close and travel severely limited.

As Proquip Solutions supplies and supports the FMCG and Primary Sectors, we will continue to supply parts and services to these sectors only. This will of course change according to the current alert level. Please note that our workshop and offices are closed throughout the period of alert levels 3 & 4.

Please ensure that you sign our COVID-19 Health Declaration and obtain approval from us prior to making arrangements for visiting our site and collecting parts.  HEALTH-DECLARATION2.pdf

To explain in more detail, we would like to communicate with you our strategy to reduce risks while we continue to service your urgent work requests.


We are adhering to the strict instructions provided by the NZ Government and all staff are working from home in isolation. If a service visit is required, our engineers will phone ahead to gain an understanding of your site procedures and ensure social distancing and safety measures are in place. To ensure compliance, we are reviewing expert opinions including medical and government advice on developments and best practice responses daily. This is a fast moving development and we are adjusting our response quickly as required. Our service department will do everything it can to supply parts as quickly as possible.   


Our priority is the health and safety of our staff, clients and suppliers. To this effect we have formed a company policy specifically to deal with COVID-19. We are taking many preventative actions to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. While we have no confirmed case of COVID-19 to our knowledge from any of our contacts, we are adjusting behaviour now in anticipation of being directly exposed.


At this moment we very much appreciate your patience while we strive to supply our goods and services during a difficult lock down situation. We do anticipate disruptions and are working through our supply schedule to confirm priorities. Completing site work is our biggest risk area. During Alert Level 3 and 4, we will restrict site work to only the FMCG and Primary Sectors to reduce the risk of contagion. Where this is a risk, we will plan ahead and use alternatives in consultation with our clients. We are also working closely with our supply chain and confirming delivery schedules.


We are communicating every day with our staff, ensuring that they are fully informed as our representatives. We will also review our notice to customers daily. Where it requires an update due to developments, we will update and re-circulate.


These are exceptional times but we are not taking a soft approach to the risks, particularly with site work. We are taking many actions to reduce or minimise everyone’s exposure, our staff as well as yours.

We wish you the very best of good health and hope that we can move back into a safer alert category as soon as possible.


From the management and staff at Proquip Solutions