Chilsonator For Sale




One off opportunity - unit in excellent condition with change parts and spares

Model: IR 520 M5A

 The unit comes with the stand for mounting this so that the sifter screen can be mounted below the unit. Unit was manufactured in 2008 and to our knowledge has never been used.

1. Compactor and mill—one integral unit
2. Sifter : a 30” diameter vibratory screen
3. Bag Dumping Station
4. Pneumatic conveying feed system consisting of:
        A. Vacuum pickup hopper
        B. Vacuum receiver
5. System Controls
6. Spare set up Axial rolls
7. Spare set of Knurled rolls
8. Multiple mill screens
9. Multiple sifter screen
10. Spare parts
11. Full set of documentation (manuals, drawings, certificates)