Asset Management

Proquip Solutions offers a range of integrated solutions, in order to manage the disposal of surplus process plant equipment, with an emphasis on maximising the returns to you.

We aim to provide a proactive and economical approach to produce the maximum return on your surplus assets with an agreed level of client involvement.

We are able to plan and execute the entire process in an efficient and professional manner. We have completed projects which have involved the disposal of the process equipment and the configuration of the site, to allow for new development.

The aim of the programmes is to maximise the return to the client with minimum involvement from the client.

When working on a disposal or shut down, Proquip Solutions likes to become involved early in the process ensuring professional advice on the best methods and processes for the plant disposal.

When undertaking a disposal we offer a number of methods:

  • Auctions
  • Tender Sales (online)
  • Managed Disposals
  • Complete Plant Sales

Each programme is tailored to meet clients specific requirements, which can include specific time frames, sales constraints, geographic constraints or relocation.

For further information and proposals, please contact us.